5 Types Of Web Hostings Services – Brief Guide

If you ever bring a child to chocolaterie, We bet that he’s gonna be juggling his mind for a long time and then will pick some fancy looking chocolate for himself.

This is not just gonna loiter away your time but even the child can pick some fancy looking bland chocolates wasting your bucks as well.

“Not everything that glitters is gold”

Same occurs while choosing a web hosting, actually there are many types of web hosting available out in the market getting you confused & making you spend your time & hard-earned money on the wrong type of web hosting.

No worries, I bet you this blog will slip out all your doubts making you independent for choosing the right web hosting.

Before moving further ado, if you don’t know what web hosting is, here is a quick brief.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a type of storage that stores your data & makes your website accessible on the internet.

Just imagine you have a shop, the buildings and architecture is your site & the land on which your shop is being holded is the web hosting & the goods you are selling in the shop are the main content of your website.
Now, the main question comes up is How many types of web hosting are there? Here is the answer

5 Types Of Web Hosting

Here is the proper explanation of the 5 main types of web hosting a newbie webmaster should know.

Shared Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting

The whole context of Shared Web Hosting lies in the name itself, It’s kind of a family pack ice-cream distributed among all the family members.

Feel the same with Shared Web Hostings, Multiple websites are hosted on a large server along with your website which makes it affordable.
But no need to worry, your data is totally confidential & provides you a separate C-Panel that is in your control.

Who should use it?

Well, if you are a newbie and want to start your own site which really doesn’t get too much traffic then you should surely choose shared web hosting because you can easily afford it.

What’s the capacity?

Normally it provides you 50 – 300 GB SSD Storage & 700 MB – 3.5 GB of ram which is enough to handle more than 5 sites with good amount of uptime.

Now, if your website is not very popular and gets less than 25k visits per month then you can really expect good speed and if possible you can use a few tips to increase the speed of your website.

Pros & Cons


  • Affordable
  • Gives managed C-Panel (Easy to use)
  • Very good for starters


  • Less bandwidth
  • Less customizations
  • Website goes down on drastic increase in website traffic
  • Cannot handle more than 10 Sites Easily (Bad For Micro Niche Bloggers)

Average Pricing

Well, If you have a question, which type of hosting is affordable? Then, here is the answer. If we see the pricings, then it really differs according to the provider you are choosing. As shown in the picture below!

pricing of shared web hosting

You can expect the pricings starting from $2 – $8 every month depending on the hosting provider which is affordable & great for starters as mentioned.

Popular Shared Web Hosting Providers

The real struggle arrives here. There are tons of web hosting providers while looking out for shared web hosting but Let us make it easy for you.

We have listed down a few of the best hosting providers that perform efficiently if you’re looking out for shared web hosting.

VPS Web Hosting

VPS web hosting

Firstly, VPS web hosting stands for Virtual Private Server. Well, simply it uses virtualization technology that provides you a dedicated virtual server on a physical server which is distributed to others users also.

It’s even kinda like a very big family pack ice-cream box (large physical server) but there are different boxes(virtual servers) inside it & you get one box from them which makes it more secure & fast.

But the point is that because it provides you with a dedicated virtual server, it becomes a bit more customizable and even faster than the normal shared web hosting.

Who should use it?

Now, if you are having an intermediate website which is getting a good amount of traffic but facing few issues in customizations & uptime then you should definitely upgrade your hosting to a VPS Web Hosting.

It’ll give you a decent increase in uptime, speed and customizations.

What’s the capacity?

Now talking about the capacity, it provides you 40GB – 200GB of SSD Disk speed which is more than enough, 1 – 12  TB of bandwidth which is just mind blowing with 3 – 16 GB of Ram.

It’s surely the best successor of Shared web hosting. Well, if you are getting less than 100k – 300k visitors every month then VPS will handle your website smooth like butter.

Pros & Cons


  • Handles the instant traffic very well.
  • More customizable
  • Great control over the server environment.
  • Provides Unmanaged Server (Great For Coders)


  • A bit complex to use
  • Not affordable for everyone

Average Pricing

Well, here the pricings are very volatile and different hosting providers set their pricing according to themselves & their expenditure. As shown in the picture below!

pricing of vps web hosting

But normally, you can expect the pricings from $23 – $77 Per month which can not even be affordable for everyone but it is totally worth the money.

Popular VPS Web Hosting Providers

Same goes with this hosting too, there are many hosting providers but not all give the best ever result like shared hostings in fact very few of them provide the best ever results.

Few of them are listed over here :

Cloud Web Hosting

cloud web hosting

Well, cloud web hosting even functions the same way which VPS Hosting works as mentioned above which is virtualization technology.

But the twist over here is that the dedicated server which you get is very flexible and much more powerful than VPS hosting.

Who should use it?

Basically, the answer is simple, if you are having a big business and a very large website or you are using a VPS hosting and your site has grown pretty well in terms of visitors, data uses and other things then you should surely upgrade your system to cloud hosting.

It’ll provide you more flexibility and great space with full control over the server.

What’s the capacity?

Well, talking about capacity then it’s way too much than you are thinking, YES, you can get from 80 GB – 2 TB of storage & a bandwidth of more than 5 TB which can really put a great amount of data inside.

You can easily expect getting Ram of 5 GB – 128 GB in total which provides an immense level of speed to your site with extra security. It can handle more than 5 Million visitors in a month which is so insane.

Pros & Cons


  • Handle tons of traffic smoothly.
  • No limit for customizations.
  • Total control over your own server.
  • Very great security system.
  • Can get extra features & support (according to the provider).


  • You can mess up the setting if you don’t have proper knowledge.
  • Expensive.

Average Pricing

These types of web hosting are really so powerful & that’s why I think that you might have imagined the pricing & yes you are correct, the pricings are very high, like it starts from $36 & goes upto $350 every month which is really expensive.

pricing of cloud web hosting

But if you take the low cost web hosting plan then it could be affordable with great value for money.

Popular Cloud Web Hosting Providers

If we see on Cloud hosting then there are not as much as option like shared & VPS hostings but there are some of the OG Cloud web hosting providers as listed below,

WordPress Hosting

wordpress hosting

Let’s slide down a bit to the affordable section once again. You might have actually guessed that this hosting can be only run on WordPress CMS (Content Management System)

WordPress Web Hosting are likewise Shared Web Hosting where multiple sites are running in a huge server along with your website & It’s deeply focused on managing & enhancing the WordPress functionality better.

Who should use it?

Well, These types of web hosting are made for you, if you are a novice & want to start using only WordPress and want some better UX with easiness in the WordPress CMS then It’s for you.

What’s the capacity?

It’s a basic type of hosting & The capacity closely matches the same capacity of shared web hosting, you can get 30 GB – 200 GB of storage with 300 GB + of bandwidth is totally ok if you are just getting started.

It can handle the visitors same as shared web hosting 25k – 40k visitors per month.

Pros & Cons


  • Very easy to use
  • Provides better facilities in WordPress
  • Great in clearing junk & cache


  • Cannot have great customizations
  • Prices could be a little more than value it gives (in higher plans)

Average Pricing 

As I’ve said it’s something the same as shared web hosting, that’s why the pricings are $2.5 – $12 which is fine and good for practising & getting to know things.

pricing of wordpress hosting

Popular WordPress Web Hosting Providers

In WordPress Hosting there are also some great providers but the best examples of web hosting which is value for money are listed below.

Reseller Web Hosting

reseller web hosting

Just imagine buying a big box of chocolate in which you have to distribute a few chocolates to your cousins.

The same goes with Reseller hosting, In technical terms you can buy a hosting and can have the ability to allocate hostings from your server to others with customizable bandwidth & storage.

Who should use it?

It could be helpful for those who are having a big company so that you can provide separate hosting to your team members as being a web hosting provider yourself.

These types of web hosting are mainly made for a coach having mentees under them or if you’re doing a particular giveaway then Reseller web hosting would be perfect for you as you can assign separate hostings through it.

What’s the capacity?

You can easily expect 100 – 200 GB NVMe storage which is less but fast & can get a bandwidth of approx 400 GB – 1.5 TB which seems fine in terms of a reseller hosting.

Well, In terms of visitors it could lack somewhere if you are having more than 50k visitors.

Pros & Cons


  • Provide NVMe Storage.
  • Affordable.


  • Site can be slow (as shared to many people).
  • Cannot expect good uptime.
  • Whole server could crash sometime (if overused)

Average Pricing

You can expect the pricings ranging from $18 – $60 which is quite affordable in the scenario of Reseller hosting.

pricing of reseller web hosting

Popular Reseller Web Hosting Providers

Reseller hosting is the type of hosting which is not sold as much as others are so that there are very few options available. That’s why I’ll only suggest you go with A2 Hosting.


  • What is the difference between Shared & WordPress Hosting?
    • The Difference Is, you can only use WordPress as CMS in WordPress Hosting & can get better facilities but in Shared hosting you can even use other web hosting and can get more customizable options.
  • How many types of web hosting are there in total? Is there only 5 types of Web hosting?
    • No, there are even more types of web hosting but they are not very widely used & the types of web hosting listed here are the main ones.
  • What do I need along with a web hosting to start my website?
    • You will need to register a domain name for your site along with your web hosting to code your website or you can even use a CMS.
  • Is hosting necessary to just practice WordPress?
    • No, if you just want to practice WordPress then you can go with localhost server & practise, But your site will not go live (only you can use it)
  • Should we use managed or unmanaged servers?
    • You should use a managed server if you want to use a CMS like WordPress but if you are a coder & want to customize the website according to you then go for unmanaged servers.


We hope that you’ve acknowledged enough knowledge to choose the perfect hosting for your website & got a great idea of types of web hosting & their differences.

The types of web hosting services you choose differs for everyone as it depends on your business, budget, traffic and other resources & requirements as listed and explained above.

If you still have any doubts in your mind, Let us know in the comments below, We’d love to assist you.

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