Top 5 WordPress Freemium Security Plugins to Fence off the Evils

You worked hard for 10 freaking days, built & designed up your site & it’s live on the internet now.

One fine day, You got an email and it said “Someone has tried to access your website from this device and that’s the moment you know that you’re messed up!

Wait! Stop expecting this now because We won’t let it happen to your website & that’s why We showed up with Top 5 WordPress Security Plugins to Fence off the Evils which are Freemium & keep your website secured.

Your website is your asset so making sure it’s safe & secure is your responsibility else someone else will reap the asset benefits or destroy it.

Go through this blog for these 5 recommended plugins and pick the best one for your site now!

Top 5 WordPress Freemium Security Plugins


wordfence wordpress security plugin

Wordfence is the most popular & effective freemium WordPress security plugin with 4+ million active installations.

Wordfence security plugins have many features and the primary one is that It shows up all the insights for all hack attempts/overall traffic trends for security awareness.

Wordfence pricing is $99.00 a year.

Why Wordfence?

  • Robust login
  • Small business? Free version is even enough for you
  • Incident Security Recovery
  • Firewall features like Country blocking, Manual blocking, Brute force protection, real-time threat defense etc…
  • Scanning all files to check on malwares
  • Insights on the live traffic, monitor plugins & check for spam/bot comments so you don’t have to get a separate plugin for the same.
  • Better money functionality for developers if they need multiple site keys.

Sucuri Plugin

sucuri security wordpress plugin

Sucuri security is also a wordpress security plugin with an user base amassing over 800,000+ Sucuri WordPress Plugin is good enough for a new business so You can go with it!

This plugin has free features along with the paid ones but basically when you access the website freewall then it’s paid if you need it.

Sucuri pricings starts off from $199.99 to $499.99 a year per website and the Sucuri firewall pricings varies from $9.99 – $69.93 a year per website.

Why Sucuri?

  • Efficient customer service through emails & chats
  • Sucuri offers multiple variations of SSL certificates
  • Instant alerts if something is happening to your website
  • Free features even include blacklist monitoring, file integrity monitoring, malware scanning and security hardening.
  • Advance DDoS security


wpscan wordpress security plugin

WPScan is a WordPress security plugin but it’s concept is a bit unique in that it takes advantage of manually-curated vulnerability data that gets updated by the community and dedicated security experts on a daily basis.

Exceeding the security speed, This helps in hunting the security vulnerabilities to scan your WordPress themes,plugins & core versions.

Why WPScan?

  • Smart way to use updated vulnerability database for check-on for security issues.
  • Freemium
  • Email alerts if some issues occurs on the site (vulnerabilities)
  • You get features like debug log files scan, backed up wp-config.php files etc…
  • You can even schedule scans to run at a certain time.


jetpack wordpress security plugin

If you’re a WordPress user and don’t know about Jetpack then Are you really a WordPress user?

Haha, Just joking but most WordPress users know jetpack as this WordPress security plugin is itself made from the people who are at WordPress.

It’s the plugin which has many features that’s all worth having a look at and using them.

This is a freemium plug-in but having it’s premium version is another level of security functionality along with other features and the pricing starts from $99 per year.

Why Jetpack?

  • Tons of features
  • Blocks suspicious activity
  • Scheduling website backups
  • Malware scanning & restoration
  • Free plan is decent enough for a small business site but for more efficient support and more helpful features, Get the premium one
  • You can manage plugin updates, get downtime monitoring insights.
  • Strong enough to less down the no. of plugins because of it tons of features

Hide My WP

hide my wp security plugin

This is even a unique one that Hide My Wp really hides the fact which lets hackers or attackers know that it’s made on WordPress.

Strong intrusion detector (IDS) in this plugin block real-time security threats or attacks but for your kind information, It’s not a free plugin but you get 100% trusted money back guarantee but even the paid one isn’t that costly though – It starts from $24.

Why Hide My Wp?

  • It hides the CMS, plugins,themes, permalinks & other sensitive info.
  • Give alerts along with the attacker Name,IP address,date and other info
  • Blocks traffic from unusual sources for security purpose


Here are all Top 5 WordPress Security Plugins to Fence off the Evils so Make sure you’re having any of them according to your preference and keep your website secured.

Do you have any concerns/questions around security or these plugins?

Go ahead & ask, We’d help you get out of the sand below!

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