Top 5 Fastest Loading WordPress Themes Compared (2022)

Your visitors may quit your site if it takes too long to load rather than wait to see what you have to offer—every second matters, whether you’re trying to increase your subscription base or close more transactions. Boosting your efforts may be made easier if you choose the Best and Fastest WordPress theme that loads quickly.

Creating a seamless user experience and boosting your conversions is all about speed. To have a high ranking in Google, you must have a fast-loading website. To your luck, there is a slew of lightweight WordPress themes that may assist you in achieving these aims.

Five of the Fastest WordPress themes will be included in this list of the top five. The same hosting provider and a standard set of sample materials were used to evaluate each of them. As a result, every one of them has a top-notch code base and can be tailored to fit any market. So what are we waiting for?

1. Elementor’s Hello Elementor :-

hello elementor wordpress theme

Using the Elementor Page Builder, you can quickly and easily create a WordPress site without knowing any coding at all. Since drag-and-and-drop website builders like Elementor are so popular, it’s no surprise that the same creators have created a theme called Hello Elementor, which is quick and flexible.

Fast and versatile are the main selling points of the theme. Many popular plugins such as WooCommerce, Advanced Custom Fields, Yoast, and more work well with Elementor.

Thanks to the mobile design, your visitors won’t be puzzled by a sluggish menu or text, which works well in testing. The theme gives you a blank canvas to work with, but the flexibility of Elementor allows you to customize it to fit any industry.


  • The Hello Elementor theme is compatible with Elementor, a page builder that is easy to use.
  • As a result of the design’s simplicity and speed, the theme files are a breeze to customize.
  • Create whatever website you want with the Elementor page and theme builder.
  • Elementor’s Hello Elementor includes video, headers and spacers, Google Maps, portfolios, articles, and many more page builder features.
  • Landing page design is a snap with Elementor’s built-in capabilities.
  • WooCommerce, Yoast, and WPML are all supported by the theme.
  • You get a responsive design that looks great on any device.
  • With RTL support, you may build multilingual and translated websites.
  • Hello, Elementor has a large and engaged community of users, making it simple to get in touch with them for assistance or locate relevant information on the web.

2. Astra Theme :-

astra wp themes

The Astra theme is not only gaining in popularity swiftly, but it also worked well in our testing when enabled. Astra’s primary goal is to provide you with a ready-to-go website once you install it on WordPress.

Demos for various industries have already been created, and you may change the majority of the theme’s features without touching the code.

Third-party plugins like WooCommerce, LearnDash, and Yoast may be linked to the theme using the page builder integration. The Astra theme is a must-have for those looking for a quick and easy way to get up and running.


  • Demos for outdoor adventure, pet care, organic retailers, custom printing firms, and more are available for download.
  • Gutenberg, Brizy, Elementor, and Beaver Builder are all supported by the theme. Demos are built just for such developers.
  • Setting up your headers, adding sidebars, and changing single-page layouts are all part of the layout options.
  • The customizer lets you customize your blog to your heart’s content.
  • The options for WooCommerce in this theme are not found in other themes.
  • Hooks and filters make it easy to add new features.
  • The subject may be translated into a variety of languages.
  • The theme contains a mobile header and a mega menu.
  • Pages may be padded, full-width, or boxed in the premium site layouts.

3. OceanWP Theme :-

oceanWP wordpress theme

For small enterprises and agencies, OceanWP offers a professional design by default. There are also inventive demonstrations for businesses and gyms, shoe shops, and chocolate manufacturers. Before choosing this theme, you may go through the website’s hundreds of other themes to determine which ones suit your needs the best.

OceanWP, although being a fast theme, didn’t do well in our speed testing. However, the theme’s performance stays good when you use the demonstrations.

As a result of the abundance of accessible extensions, OceanWP may be further customized. You may, for example, add a sticky header and an Instagram feed. In addition to the Woo Popup, white labeling is also available as a premium feature.


  • To create your site, you may choose from various interesting and eye-catching demonstrations. There are also studio, wardrobe, and event demonstrations.
  • In terms of design and functionality, it’s an excellent choice for a mobile-friendly website. Unfortunately, many themes make this promise but fail to deliver.
  • The theme has built-in support for translation.
  • Using the OceanWP theme, you may transform your website into an e-commerce site using WooCommerce.
  • A native cart popup, a floating cart bar, and a quick view are just a few of the WooCommerce features available with OceanWP.
  • Elementor, Beaver Builder, and King Composer are all supported by the theme.
  • Add-ons like Instagram integration and full-screen scrolling are just a few of the numerous options available.

4. Neve Theme :-

neve wordpress theme

It’s well known that ThemeIsle is recognized for providing the fastest WordPress theme and plugins, many of which are free with paid upgrades. The Neve theme from ThemeIsle performed the best in our testing because of its flexible layout and speedy performance.

Neve is also our favorite because of its compatibility with WooCommerce, the most widely used WordPress e-commerce plugin. In addition, it is assured to see a couple of eCommerce themes with minimal file sizes and excellent performance ratings.

Many of the most popular page builders are supported by Neve, including Elementor. It’s a lightweight and responsive WordPress theme optimized for mobile devices. The ThemeIsle name is synonymous with up-to-date software and friendly customer service.

Also included are solid code and an adaptable framework, so you may create any website you desire. ThemeIsle also provides a list of existing Neve-powered websites, giving you a better sense of the theme’s capabilities and finding inspiration for your site.


  • Rapid loading times and greater robustness for mobile devices are the primary goals of the Neve theme.
  • Use popular page builder integrations.
  • It is Compatible WordPress themes with AMP so that a user-friendly interface can be created.
  • WordPress theme performance and file size indicate a quick and lightweight design.
  • Header and footer elements may be customized.
  • Full-width and confined versions of your site layout may be customized.
  • Neve’s collection of pre-built demonstrations makes it simple to be up and running with a stunning website in a matter of minutes. The categories include e-commerce, minimal, blog, entertainment, travel, and many more.
  • Page builders may only be able to use certain of these demonstrations.
  • Extra features like enhanced galleries and checkout modules are included with the WooCommerce Booster tool.
  • Thumbnails, layouts, and information are part of the Blog Booster function.
  • Add social buttons, contact information, and breadcrumbs with the Header Booster.
  • You may create unique layouts and use white labeling if you’re operating an agency.
  • Upgrades to the Elementor Page Builder, blog boosters, and “scroll to top” features, among many others, are available in the theme’s premium edition.

5. Zakra Theme :-

zakra wordpress theme

Developed by ThemeGrill, the Zakra theme is the fastest WordPress theme with limitless potential and a lightning-fast user interface. The theme is a quick and safe choice, with more than 40 demos to create a distinctive appearance for your website.

Our testing showed that the claimed speed was accurate, as it was on par with the industry’s best.

With the premium edition of the theme, you have access to sophisticated headers, WooCommerce tools, and blogging options that aren’t accessible in the free version.

Our favorite part about Zakra is how well-documented and maintained the theme is compared to other free themes available online. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, you may contact customer service for assistance.


  • The foundation of the theme is a quick and dependable framework for creating attractive websites for small companies.
  • Choose from a variety of demonstrations ranging from weddings to dentists.
  • The theme supports Gutenberg and a few more page builders.
  • It’s mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly.
  • Multiple top header bars, translucent header choices, and a slew of buttons give the header module a lot of leeway when it comes to design creativity.
  • If you don’t want to keep to the default WordPress menu settings, you may customize the whole menu. We’re talking about customizing anything from mobile menus to submenus.
  • Masonry layouts and grid patterns may be used to change the look of your blog.
  • Allow for different footer layouts with additional columns and possibilities for full-width footers or page-scrolling buttons.
  • Hundreds of typeface variations are included in the theme’s packaging.
  • Sidebars are quite versatile.


High search engine rankings may be achieved by using a speed-optimized theme. It can also help you increase the amount of traffic you get and, more significantly, the number of customers or subscribers you gain from that traffic. However, choosing one among the tens of thousands of WordPress themes Comparison available, free and paid, may be a daunting task.

This post put Five of the fastest WordPress themes through their paces. As you can see from the above performance testing results, both Hello Elementor and Astra Theme are excellent choices.

Theme speed alone isn’t enough to create a fast-loading WordPress site. To speed up the loading time of your website, you’ll also need to choose high-performance WordPress hosting and follow performance best practices to speed up your website.

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